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How to open ALZ and EGG files

ALZ and EGG formats are archive formats provided by ALZip from ESTsoft.

ALZ format

  • Deflate, Obfuscated Deflate, and variant Bzip2 compression algorithms
  • ZipCrypto encryption algorithm
  • Split archiving

EGG format

  • Deflate, Bzip2, LZMA, and AZO compression algorithms
  • AES128, AES256, LEA128, and LEA256 encryption algorithms
  • Solid compression and split archiving
  • Unicode (UTF-8) filename

Bandizip, free software to open ALZ and EGG files

Bandizip is a free software for archiving and supports ALZ and EGG formats, including all of their algorithms and features.

   Download Bandizip   

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