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How to troubleshoot “The parameter is incorrect.”

Cause of problem

When you decompress an archive with drag&drop, you may find the following error message is often displayed.

Bandizip and all other archiving software perform the following steps to process drag&drop decompression.

  1. The user commands decompression to a destination folder with drag&drop.
  2. The archiver starts decompression to a temporary folder.
  3. When decompression is completed, OS moves (or copies) files in the temp folder to the destination folder.

If you use drag&drop for decompression, the archiver cannot extract files in your archive to the destination folder directly. This results from a mechanism of Windows OS using a temporary folder to process drag&drop commands.

Decompression of a large file takes a much longer time on step 2. And if you close the File Explorer window showing the destination folder during the long decompression, OS fails to find the destination folder on step 3 and displays the error message “The parameter is incorrect.”


Try one of the following to solve the problem:

  • Do not close the destination folder before the decompression is completed.
  • Use “Extract” to decompress your archive, instead of drag&drop.

You may also use Bandizip’s “Fast Drag and Drop” feature. “Fast Drag and Drop” enables Bandizip to decompress your archive directly to the destination folder without using the temporary folder.

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